Process Serving in Rapid City, SD

When you need legal documents delivered in the proper manner, in a timely fashion that doesn’t impede the proceedings of your upcoming court case, trust the experience of Professional Investigative Resources, Inc. As the premier process servers in Rapid City, SD, we’re adept at getting a summons or other documentation into the hands of the recipient, even when they’re reluctant to accept them.

When you find yourself in need of a process server in Rapid City, SD, it’s important to stick with an experienced professional, like the ones at our firm. An inexperienced server could cause a myriad of headaches if they approach the situation wrong, which may mean a delay in your legal action or a case that’s put in jeopardy altogether! An experienced process server will follow the law to the letter, while still getting results, which means your court proceedings can commence appropriately.

The best in the business

What makes Professional Investigative Resources, Inc. the best process servers in Rapid City, SD? A combination of legal education, smart tactics, swift action and sheer determination. We know that legal action can’t proceed until someone is served, which is why we work to get it done quickly and effectively.

  • We have a nearly 100% success rate for serving documents. In certain situations—either when the individual is refusing receipt of papers or is unable to be located to be served—we’re adept at employing advanced effort and tactics to accomplish difficult serves. We get the job done when the local constable can’t!

If you’re faced with a sticky situation wherein a recipient is making it difficult to serve them a summons or other legal documentation, don’t waste any more time in contacting Professional Investigative Resources, Inc. We don’t mess around when it comes to process serving and we always get results.

Contact us today by calling 605-343-2885 and we’ll get to work right away, putting your legal documents in the hands of the person they’re intended for.